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An integrative approach to healthcare drawing from both the ancient wisdom of the East and the modern advances of the West


JuJu Healing Arts is committed to support, contribute, and guide in helping others on their path to radiant health and wellness. Together in partnership, we work towards achieving your health goals through an array of effective treatment methods.



• Acupuncture

• Cosmetic Acupuncture

• Jade Stone Meridian Balancing
• Herbal Medicine
• Functional Medicine

• Cupping
• Moxibustion
• Electroacupuncture
• Diet & Nutrition

• Craniosacral Therapy

• Chakra Balancing
• Pre/Postnatal Massage
• Sports Massage
• Myofascial Release

• Therapeutic Yoga


• Medical Qi Gong

​• Psoas Release

​• Emotional Release Bodywork
• Structural Integration

• Shiatsu

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