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Intuitive Bodywork

YunJoo “JuJu” Kim has been a licensed massage therapist since 2002. Her intuitive approach integrates ancient Asian techniques with western therapeutic bodywork to help regulate disharmony and restore balance.

*JuJu is currently not accepting new bodywork clients.

Hands massaging back
massage stones
candle and massage oil


JuJu believes that each individual’s healing process is unique. As a result, her personalized sessions combine a wide range of modalities including therapeutic massage and energy work to address the needs of her clients. She focuses on balancing one’s own vital force, or Qi, by working with the energy of the body’s meridian system.

The release of stored emotions is facilitated by stimulating certain areas and specific points with deep pressure, rhythmic strokes, manipulations and exercises that encourage a pattern of healing to occur. Training the muscles to “let go” of holding on to unnecessary stress and tension is the foundation of JuJu’s practice.

Her experience in medical massage has provided the tools to help those with acute and chronic injuries, promoting faster recovery time and reducing inflammation. In addition to hands-on bodywork, she also incorporates yoga therapy to assist her clients on deeper levels of self-healing through postural alignment and body mechanics.

She is dedicated to helping others understand the power of touch and the innate healing potential that lies within.


  •     Shiatsu/Acupressure

  •     Abdominal Massage

  •     Jade Stone Meridian Balancing

  •     Tuina

  •     Deep Tissue

  •     Craniosacral Therapy

  •     Pre/Postnatal Massage

  •     Head, Neck, and TMJ Related Problems

  •     Medical Massage to Address Specific Injuries

  •     Structural Integration

  •     Swedish

  •     Sports/Myofascial Massage

  •     Emotional Release Bodywork

  •     Chakra Balancing

  • Training


  • Shiatsu Massage Certification & Diploma, Dr. Kaneko, Shiatsu School of California, Santa Monica, CA

  • Ampuku, Japanese Abdominal Massage, Dr. Kaneko, Santa Monica, CA

  • Craniosacral Certification, Hugh Milne, Santa Monica, CA

  • Structural Integration/Deep Tissue Certification, Dr. Vincent Medici, Santa Monica, CA

  • Pregnancy Massage, Elena Volpe, Santa Monica, CA

  • Thai Yoga Partner Massage, Saul David Raye, Venice, CA

  • Sports Massage & Myofascial Release, H.L., Santa Monica, CA

  • Swedish Kata Massage, Ingrid Marsten, Santa Monica, CA

  • Chakra Balancing, Dr. Mikio Sankey, Santa Monica, CA

  • Tuina Massage, Five Branches University, Santa Cruz, CA

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