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Movement Arts

"Life is the dancer and you are the dance." ~ Eckhart Tolle

JuJu has been dancing and training in martial arts since a young child. It began with gymnastics, Limalama (Polynesian martial arts), bellydance, Bollywood bhangra, aerial dance, and capoeira and further evolved into a deep love of the art of poi. Poi and firedancing soon became a focal point in JuJu’s life, performing in a San Francisco based circus at concerts and music events in both the Bay Area and Southern California. For several years, she taught workshops on firedancing and the art of poi and booked private and corporate events.

It was a natural gravitation to train in Traditional Kung Fu, Sanda, and Wushu learning weaponry, Chinese boxing, and animal forms. Her studies with Sifu Wang in Los Angeles were transformational and incredibly influential in her path to becoming a Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Currently, JuJu finds her interests in archery. Like acupuncture needles, target practice with a bow and arrow has helped refine her skills as a Chinese medicine practitioner. She is also deepening her practice in internal martial arts and becoming a medical qi gong practitioner.

Movement DVDS


  • Water & Fire Qi Gong with Matthew Cohen: Purchase DVD  -  View Trailer

  • Bollywood Workout with Hemalayaa: Purchase DVD  -  View Trailer


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