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Chinese Massage

The mind cannot forget what the hands have learned. ~ Jon Zahourek

ancient illustration of man performing tuina


In Chinese medicine, massage is referred to Tuina, literally to “push and grasp”. This form of medical massage or manipulative therapy is often used in conjunction with acupuncture. The hands-on techniques used unblock stagnation in the body and release tension, pain, and discomfort that may be either musculoskeletal related or internally derived, such as the common cold or flu. This method is especially suited for elderly and infants.

firecupping applied to the back


Cupping has been used by the Chinese as early as 1000 B.C. Suctioned cups are applied on specific areas of the body, most commonly the back, to increase circulation, remove stagnation, and relieve pain. Cupping is also used to treat respiratory diseases such as the common cold and bronchitis as well as digestive imbalances.

woman with jade stones on her back
Jade Stone Meridian Balancing


JuJu incorporates local Big Sur jade stones in her massage treatments. Revered as the “Stone of Heaven”, jade has healing and ceremonial properties that have long been known by ancient civilizations. By selectively placing warm jade stones along specific acupuncture points, meridians are gently stimulated to allow for the body to unwind naturally.

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