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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years as food and as medicine to address disharmony in the body. The theory of treating the “root” and “branch” has been paramount to the practice of Chinese medicine. Practitioners use a comprehensive diagnostic technique to understand the patient’s constitution (root) and presenting symptoms (branch), take note of the current season and environment, and devise a treatment plan that usually includes a combination of herbs to address the patient’s needs.

Chinese herbs in bowls and trays


Prescriptions may come in the form of loose herbs, which are boiled and drank as a tea, granules that are dissolved into warm water, tinctures, and tablets/tea pills. We use safe, pharmaceutical grade, and certified organic herbs from   companies that have strict quality control measures to ensure the highest quality and "seed to shelf" service. Most have gone through a 15 step testing process to deliver only the purest, most effective formulas for use. Such reputable companies include Evergreen Herbs, Spring Wind, Health Concerns, Golden Flower, Benedictine Herbs and Kan Herb Company.

Along with traditional herbal formulas, JuJu also includes a wide variety of supplements and nutrients to help support one's optimal functioning of the body and its organs.

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