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Diet & Nutrition

What you put into your body plays a vital role in Chinese medicine. The use of medicinal herbs as food sources has been a mainstay in Asia for centuries. The foods we eat have a quality regarded by the Chinese as a specific energy or Qi, which is used by practitioners to advise patients on food choices that compliment their wellness goals. With the increased rate of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed, regarding “Food as Medicine” provides a sustainable and accessible solution for healthy, balanced living.

pic of Chinese herbs and foods in bags


We educate on wise food choices that are appropriate for your constitution and current condition. Chinese medicine is rooted in maintaining a close relationship to nature, the environment, and the cosmos. By selecting seasonally grown organic fruits and vegetables in our local community, we stay connected to the natural cycles of life and support our local growers. Whole organic foods can be simple, delicious, and help heal from the inside out.

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